Make Sure Consumers Are Aware Of Your Brand

Connect With Your Target Audience Using Relevant Video Content

Digital video ads, and ads on YouTube specifically, allow advertisers to generate mass awareness very efficiently for their brand, goods, and services. With a variety of targeting and creative options available when serving your video ad, the opportunity is limitless to deliver tailored messages to your audiences.

Some of the main benefits of YouTube ads:

  • YouTube ads boast 95% Viewability and Audibility rates.
  • YouTube allows us to reach viewers who are not attainable on TV - 60% of homes with a household under the age of 35 do not currently watch traditional TV or never did. [1]
  • Viewers have the ability to interact with your brand in real time with clickable call to actions.
  • Video views can generally be tagged and placed into audiences that can be used for remarketing.
  • Impressions are free and still add to branding and awareness efforts.
  • Not only does YouTube provide the opportunity to easily generate awareness for your product or service, it also drives results. Many case studies are available demonstrating statistically significant lifts in metrics such as ad recall and purchase intent, driven by YouTube campaigns

    With an unbelievable 2 billion logged in users per month, the ad inventory is almost infinite. This allows the platform to curate many large affinity and in market audiences to serve your videos against. With the right team, creative, and targeting, digital video ads can be your go to channel for generating low cost and on target brand awareness.



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