Are You Reaching Consumers With a High Intent to Purchase?


If you are an online retailer, it is important to be easily discovered across the crowded search ecosystem. Enter Shopping Ads. With a visually appealing ad format and lower-funnel intent, Google Shopping accounts for 65% of all ad clicks. Instead of bidding on keywords, Shopping Ads use data from your product feed to determine when to display an ad.

Explore many of the benefits Shopping Ads have to offer:

  • They are normally the first results users see, as they can show above text ads and organic listings.
  • Retailers have seen 30% higher conversion rates than other ad formats.
  • They allow you to show multiple times on the SERP, alongside your text ad and organic results.
  • By running search query reports for Shopping campaigns, you can identify incremental keywords that can be tied into your standard Search campaigns.
  • Google Shopping campaigns can be easily imported over to Microsoft.
  • As of recently, Google announced they are now allowing free product listings on the Google Shopping tab. This is great news, as retailers who have never tested Shopping Ads before can make their products discoverable at little to no investment.

    Our team at PML is here to help you create a perfect data feed and optimize your Shopping campaigns for success. Ongoing efforts including, monitoring price competitiveness, keyword research to ensure product titles are optimized for success, troubleshooting common feed errors, and using power reporting tools, can help identify growth opportunities and meet ROI goals.


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