Don’t Let Potential Customers Slip Away

Personalized Messages Resonate Well With Consumers Already Considering Your Brand

If a user has already shown interest in your brand or products, remarketing can be a great tool to remind them of why they considered your business in the first place. Creating specific remarketing assets for users who visited different pages of your website or viewed specific videos on your YouTube channel allows you to tailor relevant messages based on the previous actions your customers have taken. Remarketing can take shape as display banners, video ads, or even Gmail ads.

A few benefits of utilizing remarketing include:

  • Target users based on specific behaviors and actions they took on your site such as: visited a where to buy page, placed items in a shopping cart but did not finish the check out process, viewed a product page, and more.
  • Launch and test personalized ads based on the different user behavior above.
  • Exercise control over frequency and how often users see your message.
  • Maintain lower cost per click when compared to search ads.
  • The high intent signals of a webpage visit or video view are a great opportunity to engage with users who are already interested in and familiar with your products or services. Don’t let these potential customers slip away! Move them down the funnel with highly relevant, tailored remarketing ads with PML.


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