PPC Audit


We are a Premier Google Partner, and have a Google Ads Product Expert on our team

Whether you handle your own Paid Ads accounts or have hired an agency to manage them for you, an account audit can be a worthwhile endeavor. A Paid Ads audit can help you identify missed opportunities for your business as well as establish potential agency mismanagement. During an account audit, PML will look for indications of general best practices being implemented as well as smart strategies being executed. We perform an in-depth analysis of each campaign, review recent account changes, and analyze performance (both recent and long term).
Our audits include a review of nine main categories:
Account Structure, Budgets, Bid Strategy, Keywords, Ads & Extensions, Tracking, Devices, Targeting, and Settings.
Audit deliverables include an extensive deck with an analysis of the above categories as well as a video call walk through of our findings.If you find that the performance of your Paid Ads campaigns is not up to par, reach out to us and schedule an audit today! Our team of Paid Advertising experts can assist in your account analysis and offer recommendations on how to improve your campaigns.


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