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Philly Marketing Labs has been creating eCommerce website development solutions since 2011. We work with business owners and marketers to define the business objectives for their eCommerce offerings. There is much more to consider than simply installing a shopping cart on your website. We find that many of today’s eCommerce installations have a poor understanding of a customer’s progression through an eCommerce funnel and how best to eliminate cart abandonment.

We’ll help you to implement your eCommerce system tailored for optimal performance with your audience. You’ll have exceptional visibility into how your platform is performing and we’ll work with you to continuously improve your online offerings.

Our specialists have extensive experience designing and programming platforms such as Magento Community edition, Volusion, Magento Enterprise Edition as well as other eCommerce platforms.

Whether it is evaluating your existing eCommerce implementation, choosing a new eCommerce platform for your product or service or implementing a tracking and improvement program that drives more revenue for your business, Philly Marketing Labs has the specialist teams to make it a reality.

Our eCommerce Website Development Services Include:

eCommerce Platform Audit

  • find the leaks in your existing implementation and plug them with today’s best practices.

Conversion Optimization

  • drive more business with the leads you have by using state of the art conversion optimization techniques.

Tracking and Analytics

  • gain valuable insight into your site visitors and how they interact with your eCommerce system.

Search Engine Optimization

  • get more visitors seeking your product or service to your eCommerce website.

Pay Per Click

  • have our Adwords Top Contributors work on your Google Ad campaigns to drive qualified visitors to your site.


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