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Managing the designing of a new website is a complex task. The website design team at Philly Marketing Labs has years of experience creating websites, and we are confident we can make the website design process as smooth as possible. We have experience working with a variety of types of sites; including: B2B, B2C and eCommerce design and web development.

Mobile-ready & Responsive Websites

Websites cannot afford to ignore non-desktop website visitors; we highly encourage all clients of ours to move to a responsive website design if they have not already. If we were to work with you on creating a new website, you can guarantee that we will want to make it mobile-ready & responsive from Day 1.

WordPress Specialists

At Philly Marketing Labs we’ve been working with WordPress for years. We have experience creating custom WordPress themes, custom post types, and more. If you can envision it, our design team can probably figure out how to make it happen inside WordPress.

Our team specializes in WordPress, but if you have additional questions or requirements, just ask!

Fit To Your Target Market

Our team focuses on your specific tone, messages and target personas to ensure your new website content and the overall feeling of your new website will match appropriate company goals and values. With the help of our supercharged marketing and design specialists, your new mobile-ready and responsive website will be set up for success from the start.

SEO is a Priority

During the transition process, our SEO team will create a redirect map to ensure that no ‘link juice’ is lost during the website migration. Additionally, a new website is a great time to perform a site-wide ‘SEO pass’ to validate the existing SEO strategy is in-line with the current search environment.

In addition to designing new websites, Philly Marketing Labs can help by optimizing your site with SEO best practices, setting up analytics and helping with content planning.


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