is your seo on solid foundation?

Identify SEO Problem Areas!

One of the first things to do when getting started with an SEO campaign is to perform an in-depth website audit. This helps our team identify existing or potential problems on or off-site. Philly Marketing Labs can perform an eCommerce website audit, a mobile website audit, website content audit, and a technical audit.

Some of the key areas we will review and report on are:

Site Structure/Crawlability/Hierarchy

The way a website is organized plays a role in SEO efficiency. This includes URL structure, navigation system and the ways in which a website’s content is organized and categorized. PML will analyze your site structure, ensuring that it meets search bot criteria for crawling and indexing.

Site Speed

Since the speed in which a page loads online impacts both the user and the search engine score, it is imperative that your website be optimized so that it loads as quickly as possible at all times. There are many reasons a website page may load slowly. Our SEO audit service will uncover anything that might be hindering your page speed from being as fast as it should.

Web Page Optimization

Aside from the technical aspects of a full SEO audit, there are onsite factors that we will review and report to you such as SEO titles, meta descriptions, H1s, image attributes, content, keyword usage and linking tactics. You can be sure that after you receive our SEO audit report, that you will be fully aware of how your website may be falling short from an SEO perspective as well as show you how these areas can be improved and brought up to SEO best practices standards.

If you are ready to find out how your website stacks up against SEO best practices, mobile usability, site speed, and site structure contact the SEO team at Philly Marketing Labs today!


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