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At Philly Marketing Labs, we fully understand the magnitude of Amazon’s position as an online shopping platform. In fact, Amazon is currently the fastest growing marketplace in e-commerce. Advertising on Amazon should not be ignored as you formulate your online marketing strategy. Each day, more and more businesses are shifting traditional marketing and advertising dollars to Amazon. Don’t get left in the dust, PML can help you thrive in the Amazon ecosystem. From setting up your account to designing your enhanced product listings and managing your inventory we have you covered.
From Amazon Product Setup, to Driving Sales - We've Got You Covered.
Amazon Setup
Amazon Setup isn’t as simple as creating product listings and hoping for the best. Formulating a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that allows your products to show up when people are searching on Amazon is crucial to your success. Another aspect of setting up your account is making sure your brand is protected from copycats and the competition - that’s where things like brand registry come in. Let us help elevate and advance your brand on Amazon - from start to finish.
Organic Optimization
Organic optimization is another important aspect of advertising on Amazon. At PML, we fully understand Amazon’s back-end. We specialize in Amazon SEO and its search algorithm optimization. We have designed and implemented many enhanced product listings and brand storefronts. With this knowledge, we can make sure your products hit the ground running on the day of launch. Programs such as Early Reviewer Program (Amazon ERP), Coupons & Promotions,Enhanced Brand Content (Amazon EBC), and Amazon storefront design and optimization fall into our organic Amazon optimization services.
Amazon Paid Marketing Services
When it comes to running sponsored listings for your Amazon products, there are a lot of variables to juggle. Don’t let the complexities of Amazon deter you from advertising on a platform that can greatly boost your overall sales. We offer full account management across all of Amazon's marketing services, from sponsored products to headline ads, ensuring you a maximum ROI for your ad spend. From competitive pricing strategies to promotions management, we can assist you across all aspects of Amazon Marketing and product sponsorship.
Operations & Maintenance
Ongoing maintenance is a vital ingredient of a brand’s success on Amazon. We can help you decide what fulfillment options are best for your business as well as manage reviews, stock lists, and Amazon answers. A brand can’t improve its performance on Amazon without using data to guide its ongoing strategy. Part of Amazon maintenance involves regular reporting as well as data analysis. This is the driver behind what we do when it comes to Amazon operations.


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