Website Analytics


  • Do you know which search terms (keywords) people use to find your site?
  • Which keywords are the most likely to result in a sales lead?
  • Which Social Media channels are most engaging?
  • Which advertisements are most likely to convert?
  • What do people really want when they visit your web site?

It is all about results.

At Philly Marketing Labs, we’ll help you make forward progress with your business goals by pulling key signals from a sea of Internet data. We make metrics actionable by defining steps to improve your site’s performance and generate positive ROI.

We pull Web analytics data from your Web sites, social media channels, industry trends and competitor’s performance. We use this data to answer the questions shown above and much more.

For example, Web analytics have helped our clients to:

  • refine and target paid advertising that drove a 250% Return on Investment
  • created personalized pages that were twice as effective at generating leads
  • effectively targeted top keywords that increased visitor traffic from zero to tens of thousands of monthly visits
  • modify social media investments to generate better qualified web site visitors
  • develop messaging formulas with proven increases in email marketing results
  • incrementally improve landing pages based on visitation data and generate more leads

What can we do for you?  Every business is different. Your analytics provide the clues to your unique business-DNA that can generate explosive results.

Let us show you how your analytics can provide clues to provide exceptional business results.

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Website Analytics

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