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Digital Marketing

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We always start with your business goals and the hallmarks of your marketplace.    We look at your competition.  We  analyze the behaviors of Internet users in your marketplace.  We partner with your team and leverage your resources.   Whether we help you with one channel or multiple online marketing avenues (PPC, SEO, social media, content, etc.), we will help you put together an Internet Strategy focused on your business objectives.

Partnership is at the center of all of our most successful client engagements.  Our commitment to continuous improvement and active experimentation are proven to drive business growth for our clients. Learn more about how we partner with clients to drive results from our Case Studies on Internet Marketing Success.

Your Custom Internet Marketing Action Plan

After we analyze your marketplace and tap into your market knowledge, our Internet marketing consultants will then partner with you to develop the best Internet marketing mix for your business.

Our Internet marketing strategies enable you to adapt, engage and thrive in the ever-changing world of Internet marketing.

The campaigns and tactics we deploy will be geared toward increasing your profits and proving a return on investment.

(Read our blog post that shares our advice on choosing a social media channel for your business.)

Inbound Marketing, SEO and Content Strategy

Inbound Marketing,  Search engine optimization (SEO)and creating content go hand-in-hand.  Google and other search engines use algorithms that reward quality content and organic SEO integration.  You can learn more about PML’s SEO Services here.

Philly Marketing Lab’s SEO market commitment:

Philly Marketing Labs will only take on SEO work with clients who either already have a content plan in place or are willing to commit to a long-term content strategy. See more on the importance of content creation for SEO here.

PPC Strategy

Three of our certified Google Adwords specialists are Google Top Contributors. That means they are AdWords experts and esteemed AdWords Community members who consistently help others in the Community with their advice and guidance. As such, they stay on top of Adwords developments and other trends in the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising world. Their expertise not only informs the PPC strategy you’ll use, it also means you’ll get the most out of the money you invest to drive traffic to your website. We’ll make sure your PPC strategy aligns with your other marketing efforts, regardless of whether we also help with those efforts. The goal is to give you the best results possible.

Measuring Your Internet Marketing Success

Once we begin executing your Internet marketing plan, we measure the effectiveness through a custom marketing metrics dashboard. Your monthly Internet marketing dashboard identifies what’s working and what’s not working and to discover points of improvement.  Together, we will build momentum — toward greater profits and a solid return on your investment.

Still not sure if PML is the right fit for your business?   Check out some of our strategy oriented blog posts on Personas, Inbound Marketing, Content and the Sales-Marketing divide.

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