This year, PML resolved to take a different approach to the holiday season. We decided to use the “client gift budget” to benefit charities or people in our various local communities. Each member of the PML family was given $500 to donate to a cause of their choice. Read below to find out how each team member made a difference.

Tommy Sands

Many of us are quite fortunate to have strong support systems, family and friends that we can count on when times get tough or when facing difficult challenges. For others though, that same support may not exist and in these cases, the Community Relief Organization (CRO) of Mount Holly shines.

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Lauren Adams

Most animal shelters, WAC included, can only continue to operate with the help of volunteers and donations. I’m using my $500 dollars to purchase food, toys, bedding, and other supplies for the animals at WAC who were given a second chance to find a family and a home. I hope each animal there can eventually become a best friend for someone and mean as much to their human as my dog means to me.

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Julia Muller

The idea of being poor is scary. Scary even for an adult. There is the shame and stigma to being poor. Often times we imagine the worst when we think who lives at the shelter or comes to the city shelter for food. That is why I chose to donate to The City Mission. The City Mission is a place where
anyone in our county can find basic services such as food, shelter and medical care when
needed. They also offer many programs for care and recovery to help people get back on their
feet after traumatic life events.

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Summer Marchelletta

When Philly Marketing Labs gave each of its’ employees $500 to donate any way we chose, I immediately knew this provided me an opportunity to practice what I preach. In my family, the older kids are both involved in national honors society and my husband and I are always giving reminders to stay on top of their volunteer hours and encourage them to choose something that is meaningful to them…

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A Family In Need

Trisha Lamb

As soon as I heard this amazing news I knew exactly how my family and I would like to sprinkle kindness through the holiday season. That same day I called my children’s school and spoke with the school counselor and told her we would like to adopt a family in need.

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The Providence Food Pantry

Natalia Morais

The Providence Food Pantry in Quakertown is a local cause close to my heart and I love the work they do with the families in need. Every 3rd Saturday of the month they prepare breakfast for the families, spend time with them and help them with other areas of their lives, like writing resumes and looking for jobs.

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A Person In Need

Bechara Jaoudeh

Often times, when families are in crisis, they reach out to places of worship or nonprofits for assistance. For my charity donation, I contacted our local church asking them to help me find a family in need. This is when I find out about Jerry. Jerry, a father of 2, had suffered a spinal injury which left him with paralysis, spasticity and many other health issues along with mounting medical expenses…

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Joe Norton

I decided to donate my $500 to the Greenhill Humane Society, which is an animal shelter in my area […]. I think places like this are essential to helping dogs survive a tough time and find a family that is a good fit for them.

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