Join the Philly Marketing Labs Team

Photo of the Philly Marketing Labs team in the ‘Valley of Fire’ during the 2015 PML Summit in Las Vegas

Philly Marketing Labs is growing quickly, and we’re in need of experienced digital marketers.  We’re looking for someone with the right skills and chemistry to fit our team.


Senior Digital Marketing Project Manager
Senior Paid Search Manager
Organic Search Manager
Web Marketing Project Manager

The Culture at PML

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? And love challenges and bad jokes? We’re a fun bunch, but we also work hard and put our clients first, developing strong, successful client relationships. Our mission is to help mid-size companies to adapt, engage and thrive in the 21st century. Developing strong and successful client relationships is our priority. Does this sound like you?

You will never be bored. No one will micromanage you, and you can work from home. We want to keep building a terrific team, so if the job description and requirements below fit, don’t wait, we move quickly.

The PML Creed

Photo of the Philly Marketing Labs team, at the 2016 summit, right after triumphing over an ‘Escape Room’ adventure!

1) Care.

You have to want it. You need to take pride in your work. You need to own your mistakes – and be willing to restore the balance when you make them. If you aren’t operating from the heart, you won’t last long at PML.

2) Share.

Communicate. Over-communicate. Ask questions. Share your best ideas. Be transparent. Make it obvious where you stand.

3) Be There.

Make things happen. Get things done. Be responsive to other team members, to clients and partners alike. Show up.

Philly Local? Come say Hi

If you live in the Philadelphia area, consider coming out to one of our meetups of the Mainline Digital Marketing Group. You can see upcoming PML events on the news/events page.