The human element is central to everything we do. Business is created by people working with people. We work with you. You work with your clients.

At Philly Marketing Labs, we understand the nature of relationships, communities and human intention.

What does this mean?

We employ an Integral model of human perspectives in our work. We understand that different groups of clients and partners have different ways of communicating… from the language they use to the tools they employ. Even within a group, psychology shows us that people are likely to have different “decision making” approaches. We work to ensure that you are addressing the disparate needs of your business partners, prospects and clients.

We’ll help you sort through the options with an approach that is informed by the latest research on how people make decisions, what they seek on a Web site, how generational and world-view differences impact your messaging and how communities operate.

Integral persona diagramShould you use Social Media marketing or Tribal marketing – and what is the difference? Do you have a passionate community of potential brand evangelists that are an untapped resource? Are your visitors techies, engineers or geeks who are most interested in specifications and “what works” whitepapers? What kind of paid advertising is more effective for your business – LinkedIn, Facebook or Paid Search – and why?

But addressing the human element goes beyond your marketing. We seek to understand you and your business so that our partnership can be successful. We’ll look at your preferred communication approaches and craft an “operating rhythm” that matches your availability, your need to stay connected to our work and the demands of your business goals.

If you are looking for a real partnership, let’s start with a conversation.