Google AdWords: I Am Looking For Extension

Possible new AdWords Extension in Beta?

AdWords - I Am Looking For Extension

I came across this ad today while doing some browsing. It appears that Google has launched a new ad extension.  At first glance I thought it was possibly a hybrid of the Sitelink Extension but then noticed the Sitelink Extension is also active on this ad.

Click the button and a drop down appears allowing for a selection.    The drop-down in this screenshot shows 10 links which really helps visitors navigate to just the right section of the site.

I searched online but could not find any information about this feature.  I reached out to one of our Google Reps today to inquire more, and will update here if I can get some additional info.

Have you seen this yet?  Have any info to share?

Comments welcome!



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  1. Adam

    Thanks for posting this! I love that you are on top of breaking news and info in the PPC community!

    1. Kim Clinkunbroomer

      Thanks Adam!

  2. Ryan Draving

    Kim, you and Philly Marketing Labs are ON IT!

    ANOTHER Philly Marketing Labs genius – – made a similar assumption after he received a bunch of “I don’t know anything about that!” reactions from Google employees.

    It’s the first I’m seeing it. Thanks for sharing…

    You are the National Geographic of online advertising – discovering rare new AdWords species to share with the rest of us. Keep it up – and keep us posted on what you unearth!


  3. Kim Clinkunbroomer

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the nice words!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Kim –

    These are called Drop-down Extensions. Good catch, they are very limited at the moment, but it’s yet another way to provide the user a path through the advertiser’s website.

    – Anon 🙂

  5. Sam Mazaheri

    Great catch Kim!

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